Trener Maciej Rogala - po angielsku

Trainer and coach:

Dr Maciej Rogala - an expert in business planning, leadership and career development, strategic and risk management,  specialized in training how to elaborate effective business plans and transform them into profitable projects in many sectors. As results-driven coach, trainer and advisor he works with executive management. Together with participants of workshops he looks for “key business drivers” that can help achieve success and checks for threats that can destroy or weaken planned strategies. 

He has long-lasting experience in many country and international projects as project manager or project team member in many business and science enterprises including sectors of medicine, health care, public health, pharmacy, biotechnology, insurance, higher education and public administration.

He has trained and coached with more than 2500 future and young managers, directors, chairmen of the boards in many private firm, companies and public organizations, institutions. 
He is a doctor of health sciences, employed at the oldest and the most prestigious Polish university – Jagiellonian University in Kraków.  He completed  a long and extensive cycle of postgraduate studies in management including: human resources management at the Faculty of Management and Communication of the Jagiellonian University; economics and management at the Cracow School of the Business University of Economics in Cracow; European management studies - type of MBA  at the Cracow School of Business University of the Economics in Cracow. He is a member of the EACH Poland Network for Teaching and Research in Communication and also Polish Society of Public Health.

He delivers lectures and workshops in MBA programme at the Cracow School of Business of the University of Economics in Cracow with co-operation with the Clark University in Worcester (Massachusetts, USA) and in the postgraduate studies for managers at the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University. He is a lecturer of the National Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Warsaw.

He specializes in running workshops including: business planning and project management, looking for growth’s solutions in businesses, managerial skills in business company management, controlling and risk management, resources management - how to develop enterprises, internal and external communication (crisis communication, public relations, marketing), organizational culture. 


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